Emotionally Healthy Women

Eight Things You Have To Quit
To Change Your Life.

This group is for any woman who is running on empty trying to meet the expectations of others, or women who want to stop pretending everything is fine. Using the book The Emotionally Healthy Woman by Geri Scazzero, we will examine eight destructive habits we need to quit in order to move toward emotional and spiritual health and change our life.

What is an Emotionally Healthy Woman?

Journey into the heart of The Emotionally Healthy Woman by Geri Scazzero—a book study that meets two hours every other week for eight sessions where you will discover the power of shedding pretense, fear, lies, and denial, and experience the freedom of connecting deeply with God. 

The Emotionally Healthy Woman is a book about following Jesus and summoning the courage to quit anything that does not belong to his kingdom or fall under his rule.”

Who is this for and what do the sessions cover?

This group is for any woman who:

  • Cares about what people think of them
  • Is lying to others, themselves and God
  • Deprives themselves and cares for others to the detriment of yourself
  • Avoids anger, fear and sadness
  • Blames others for their circumstances
  • Is overfunctioning
  • Has faulty thinking 
  • Is living someone else’s life

Each session has three distinct elements:

Large group facilitation

Every other week, your Emotionally Healthy Woman book study will cover a chapter of the book through insightful discussions and facilitation led by an experienced leader in person. This group is a practical, real, and transformative experience that will set you on a path toward lasting change, and a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God.

Breakout small group discussion

After large group facilitation, we will break out into smaller groups to navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise in our lives, developing a deeper understanding of self, our relationships, and our identity in Christ by sharing with one another. Your group will spend time discussing questions, going through activities, and praying for one another.

Personal study and reflection

We will continue embarking on a path of self-discovery, growth and healing as we come prepared reading a chapter every two weeks.  Your group will spend time reflecting on your journey.

“Why didn’t I know this 20 years ago?”

“My husband is the beneficiary of me being here.”

“I didn’t know I could say NO.”

The Details 

Starting February 6, 2024 (8 weeks, meets bi-weekly)

Tuesdays from 7:00–8:45pm

Cost: $30 (includes workbook)

Need more information?
Email us: [email protected]